Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my reports not appearing?

PASCOM-10 opens reports in a new window. Sometimes browsers are set to block pages opening new windows. When this happens you will usually get a small notification icon in the address bar.  If you click on this icon it will give you the option to enable new windows.

For more detailed instructions on how to enable popup windows for your browser simply Google "enable popup windows in <insert-the-name-of-your-browser>"

How do I print a report to PDF?

PASCOM-10 generates reports in two formats.  As a web page, for easy viewing, and as CSV file for importing the raw data into Excel for further analysis.

Sometimes you may want to convert a report into a PDF. This is done by 'printing' the web page version of the report to a PDF document. Most modern PCs come with a built in printer driver that 'prints' the report to a PDF rather than to a printer. Simply right click the report, select print, and then select PDF from the list of available printer drivers.

If you are running an older operating system which doesn't directly support printing to PDF you will first need to install a PDF printer driver. Follow the link below for a free PDF printer driver for which will run on Windows 7 / Vista.