PASCOM has been supported by many members of the College over the years. All have worked to enhance the project and develop it from the early paper based system through to the current web based clinical audit system.  The current working party includes members from across Podiatry - Podiatric Surgery, MSK, Diabetes, Research and Nail Surgery.


Dr Helen Branthwaite
MSK Project Lead. Royal College of Podiatry.  Course Leader, Clinical Biomechanics Staffordshire University

Dr Helen Branthwaite is the MSK project lead for the Royal College of Podiatry. She is an MSK practitioner in the private sector as well as Senior Lecturer at Staffordshire University, course leader MSc Clinical Biomechanics. Helen’s research expertise looks at the effects of everyday footwear on function and fit and she has a specialist interest in falls prevention. Measuring MSK outcomes is at the centre of progressing our understanding of presenting podiatric conditions and is vital for patient care and professional development. The MSK – short form has been developed within PASCOM-10 as part of the MSK project and will capture MSK events occurring in podiatric practice.

Furthermore, Helen has worked in conjuction with Staffordshire University and the Royal College of Podiatry and published a review of Pascom in November 2023.  This will help us to continue to develop PASCOM-10 and allow us to plan for the future.

Andrew Coutts
Specialist Registrar in Podiatric Surgery, Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust.

Andrew gained his Fellowship in 2015 and his CCPST in 2018.  He presently works in Derbyshire full-time as a Specialist Registrar in Podiatric Surgery.  He has published peer reviewed articles in international journals on a wide range of subjects and has presented at local conferences, Fellowship of Podiatric Surgery and RCPod conferences with his particular interest being within long-term patient reported outcome measurements and how this can improve patient experience, aid with informed consent and provide patients with an overall long-term picture of the success of specific surgical procedures.

Over the last few years Andrew has gained a further interest in ultrasound gaining CASE accreditation which has allowed him to assess the success of carrying out ultrasound guided popliteal blocks to further improve a patient journey through surgery.  This has also helped to reduce the number of visits a patient requires, reduce the burden on radiology colleagues and provide a quicker diagnosis to treatment by providing a one-stop-shop for those patients requiring ultrasound investigation.  Furthermore, Andrew sits on the Trusts Non-Medical Prescribers committee and during the pandemic he was able to utilise his clinical skills in an Urgent Treatment Centre which supported colleagues, reduced the number of patients requiring referral onwards and helped to promote the profession.

Recently, Andrew has completed an NHS Leadership course and the RCoP Leadership course which he found to be a rewarding and challenging experience.  This development and his experience of strong team working he believes will help give further impetus to the PASCOM project.

Simon Fay
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, Northumbria Healthcare and North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trusts 

Simon Fay studied Podiatry at Salford. Graduating in 1987, He then followed a progression to specialist Podiatric surgical training in East Anglia, achieving a fellowship in Podiatric surgery in 1996 and completion of specialist surgical training in 2001.  He is an annotated Podiatric surgeon by the Health and Care Professions council (HCPC). Completed MSc in Podiatric surgery ( 2015 ) and is an Independent non medical Prescriber.  Mr Fay assisted the development the NHS podiatric surgery services in Suffolk between 1996 and 2005 before spending 2 years in Canada working clinically within the realm of Musculo-skeletal Podiatry and minor surgery. He provided mentorship for surgical trainees and registrars whilst in East Anglia.  Mr Fay was appointed as a Consultant Podiatric surgeon to Northumbria Healthcare and North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation trusts in 2011, after holding Consultant Podiatric surgeon posts in the West Midlands and East Kent.

Anthony Joyce
Head of Service for Podiatry and Physiotherapy in Somerset and Bank Consultant Podiatric Surgeon

Anthony spent the last 4 years of his surgical training at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, gaining fellowship in 2017 and CCPST in 2019. Following this, Anthony undertook a 12 Month contract within the Podiatric surgery team in Hereford, where he remains as a bank Consultant. Currently, Anthony works as Head of Service for Podiatry and Physiotherapy in Somerset.  Anthony has gained a vast amount of experience in all aspects of foot surgery, having a particular interest in high-risk foot/ limb salvage surgical techniques.  Being actively involved in research and publication, Anthony is actively involved in a number of professional improvement projects with the Royal College of Podiatry and Faculty of Podiatric Surgery. Anthony is also a guest lecturer for the Bath University pharmacy Master’s programme and regularly presents at National and International conferences.  In his spare time Anthony enjoys spending time with his young family, playing golf, mountain biking and coaching rugby.

Andrew Latham 
Podiatry Practice Development AHP, Central London Community NHS Trust

Andrew Latham is currently an Advanced Practiconer Trainee in peripheral arterial disease based in Central London Community Health Care Trust.  He is a committee member of Pod Vasc SAG team - the vascular specialist advisory group that supports the RCPod on Podiatry vascular strategy and a committee member for AHPs for public health.

He has also, championed the use of PASCOM-10 for the outcoming of nail surgery procedures and has published 2 articles with Podiatric surgeon Ravi Modha on outcomes related to P-10 and nail surgery.

Andrew says: 'PASCOM 10 nail surgery domain can support all Podiatrists in private or NHS Practice in meeting HCPC standards of proficiency 11 - Assure the quality of their practice and help the RCPod understand the volume and quality of these procedures being performed nationally.  It should be part of every Podiatrists practice.''