How to access PASCOM-10

If you are an RCPod member yourself you can enter your membership number and date of birth - which will allow access to the main site

For non-College members access the PASCOM system you will need to provide the membership number and date of birth of your sponsoring RCPod member.

The information provided will be checked against the current RCPod membership records to confirm that you are authorised to use the system.

The next step to access the PASCOM system is via the training pages. Yyou will also need to review a series of training videos, and complete a 10 point test to demonstrate that you have gained the necessary understanding of the system.

You will not be able to register with a centre or utilise the full function of the system until this training is complete and passed.

If you have any queries please submit via the 'enquiry' section.

To register on the live site please click here.