PASCOM privacy and security updates

Published 02 Jul 2018

We've had a number of requests for advice in relation to GDPR. The series of articles published in Podiatry Now (also available at provide a comprehensive overview. In addition we have updated our advice around privacy and web security. Please refer to the following links for further details.

We have an updated privacy statement here – If you scroll through that you will also see details about web security relevant to GDPR.

The user guide has also been updated – section 3 refers to protecting patient data…/UNDER%20REVIEW%20PASCOM-10%20Use…

Also bear in mind the terms and conditions laid out by the College in 2010 (these do need a refresh)

Finally we have advised gaining consent from patients when including their data since 2014.  The use of PASCOM varies considerably between centres, as such the design and content of consent forms may vary from centre to centre.  PASCOM will not be producing a consent form but it would be advisable to do so locally.  If you collect patient identifiers on PASCOM or you use the email facility for questionnaires, that will need careful consideration and may raise questions locally. Please refer to the privacy statement and web security page for further advice.