December 2016

New study of neuroma surgery outcomes makes good use of PASCOM-10

Published 19 Dec 2016

A new study by George Flanagan and Ian Reilly makes good use of PASCOM-10 in their review of Morton’s neuroma excision by means of a plantar approach.  Read the full article here Longitudinal plantar approach for excision of interdigital perineural fibroma of the foot: A case series and literature review by George Flanagan, Ian Reilly, The Foot and Ankle Online Journal 9 (1): 1  Background:  There is an array of clinically and academically derived opinion as to the correct surgical approach to the intermetatarsal space, most frequently to excise a symptomatic interdigital perineural fibroma (aka Morton’s Neuroma).  The purpose

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PASCOM-10 in Podiatry Now

Published 25 Nov 2016

In the December edition of Podiatry Now, Anthony Maher explores the concepts of service evaluation and outcome measurement in the context of PASCOM-10.  The article provides a useful appraisal of PASCOM-10 and can be accessed here or via the information page.

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