September 2016

Customising Patient Form Emails

Published 29 Sep 2016

Patient form emails allow a user to send an email to a patient which contains a link that the patient can follow in order to complete one of the many forms that PASCOM-10 provides. This is an alternative to the patient completing a paper copy of the form, and having a clinician copy the data into PASCOM-10. This feature was added several months ago, and has proved to be very popular, but a common request from users was the ability to customise the email that gets sent to a patient. We're pleased to announce that feature has just been launched.

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Evaluating the Clinical Outcomes of Nail Surgery

Published 12 Sep 2016

Ravi Modha and colleagues recently published an article in Podiatry Now (June 2016) examining the outcomes of nail surgery.  The team at CLCH NHS Trust used PASCOM-10 to facilitate the audit and focused on complications, MOXFQ outcomes and the Friends and Family Test.  they rightly conclude that their study can be used as a benchmark by which future PASCOM based audits can evaluate their own clinical effectiveness. The article is available via Podiatry Now .  A copy can also be accessed via our information pages here  (high quality PDF to follow).

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Exciting new updates for PASCOM-10

Published 01 Sep 2016

As promised in July we have added some new features to PASCOM-10 which improve usability and functionality.  Please take a moment to read through the key changes below.  If you have any difficulties with these new features, please get in contact with the PASCOM team once logged in by using the ‘Send Feedback’ button at the top right of the screen.   New Report: MOXFQ Raw Data Reports (Invasive & Non-Invasive domains) This new report allows for the exporting of raw MOXFQ data for each patient in a cohort so that users can do further statistical analysis (e.g. in Excel).

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