Exciting new updates for PASCOM-10

Published 01 Sep 2016

As promised in July we have added some new features to PASCOM-10 which improve usability and functionality.  Please take a moment to read through the key changes below.  If you have any difficulties with these new features, please get in contact with the PASCOM team once logged in by using the ‘Send Feedback’ button at the top right of the screen.


New Report: MOXFQ Raw Data Reports (Invasive & Non-Invasive domains)

This new report allows for the exporting of raw MOXFQ data for each patient in a cohort so that users can do further statistical analysis (e.g. in Excel). The reports output the individual MOXFQ events that meet the filter criteria, with the following fields for each event (or pair of pre/post events):

·        PASCOM Patient Reference

·        Pre-Op Date

·        Pre-Op WS

·        Pre-OP P

·        Pre-OP SI

·        Post-OP Date

·        Post-OP WS

·        Post-OP P

·        Post-OP SI

·        PSQ-10 Score [If there is a PSQ10 on the same episode]

·        Treatment [The title of the relevant treatment]

***Note that the PSQ-10 score is not available in the non-invasive domain.


New Report: Cohort by Sequellae (Invasive & Non-Invasive)

These are new reports that allow a user to filter by Sequellae rather than by Procedure, and produces a Cohort Report based on selected Sequellae. There is an invasive & non-invasive version of this report.

The filter allows the user to select one or more post treatment sequellae and then filters treatment events based on whether they have the specified post treatment sequellae attached to any post treatment events.  It has the same 4 combination options as the procedure filter (Mentions, Limit To List, Combo All, Combo Limited) which allow users to specify how their set of selected sequellae should intersect with the set of all sequellae attached to treatment event.

 Please note that this filter isn’t compatible with the procedure filter, put simply including both on one report would lead to confusion and complexity over how they interact with each other.


MOXFQ Patient Forms Restyled (all 4 forms Pre/Post - Invasive/Non-Invasive)

The MOXFQ patient forms have been restyled to match the official paper version of the form as much as possible, particularly the layout and styling of the questions themselves. We have removed the option of selecting “both” when creating a patient MOXFQ form. It’s now left/right and the narrative tells the user to create two forms if both feet are required.  The clinician completed forms will be updated to the new style shortly.


Added optional Email Address to patient record 

This is to support the new feature on patient forms where it auto-populates the patient email address and lets users customise the email being sent.