PASCOM-10 Upgrades Autumn 2019

Published 25 Oct 2019

We’ve implemented a number of upgrades to PASCOM-10 which should improve functionality:

Favourite Procedures & Medicines

Users can now set favourite medicines, invasive procedures and non-invasive procedures on their account screen. Once set these are automatically brought to the top of any drop down lists displaying this static.  Favourites can be set by going to ‘My Account’ and ‘Settings’.

Diabetic Foot

We’ve added a new flag on treatment events (Diabetic Foot) so that that diabetic foot cohorts can be readily identified.   Reports can now filter based on the Diabetic Foot flag (Include All, Limit to Diabetic Foot, Exclude Diabetic Foot).  This will allow Faculty to accurately gauge our involvement in the surgical management of diabetic foot complications.


Fixed the Fixations report so that Quantity: Count is now summing the quantity on each fixation event, not the counting the number of fixation events for that type of fixation.


Implemented new report rendering harness which allows for reports to be broken down into stages. There is now a new report generation dialog which opens when you run a report and shows progress of the report generation. Once the report is finished you get a link to click to open the report. This also has the advantage that we no longer have to worry about popup blockers as they don’t kick in if the window is opening directly from a user’s click.

New amalgamated report which combines 8 specified reports into a single file which can be saved / printed as a PDF.  The included reports are:

  1. Invasive procedures
  2. Invasive fixation
  3. Invasive anaesthesia
  4. Invasive demographics
  5. Invasive medication
  6. Invasive post treatment sequellae
  7. Invasive PSQ-10
  8. Invasive MOXFQ

Please note, we’ve found that the new functionality is not always visible on NHS PCs until the browser cache has been cleared by clicking Ctrl +F5. If you run into any difficulties please contact the pascom team